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Subject: #1180: Re: #1149: Censorship aka: Proposal of Rules

Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 11:59 CST
Subject: Re: #1149: Censorship aka: Proposal of Rules

>For example, a recent posting (by Mel Park, if I remember correctly)
>closed with a humorous note, in which the simulated text of a user's
>interaction with the hoary old computer game "adventure" (it has other
>names) was related as though it were an actual caving trip. I thought
>that was hilarious. The point though, is that it started with instructions
>to drive down a certain road in Mammoth Cave NP. The name of the road
>was apparently deleted by the moderator. That struck me as irksome at
>first, and then as rather funny (ironic or satiric, depending on intent)
>when I recognized the description that followed. It would seem that we
>are not to post directions to imaginary caves either! (-:)

I hadn't read the return message to me and therefore didn't see that it had
been altered. Abstract discussions aside, when you find that you yourself
have been censored, you know what? It hurts. (:-()

I wonder how many people know that the cave in Adventure is a real
one--Bedquilt Cave (not Colossal) and part of the (well known, widely
publicized, no need to censor) Mammoth system. The author of that game, by
the way, is on this list. Another person on this list, like some others,
misspent her youth playing Adventure for hours. and still pretty much carries
the whole game around in her head. I was party leader on her first trip ever
into Bedquilt, last fall. From the game she knew every passage that we were
in. It was amazing! We would be at a junction and she would ask compass
directions and then begin to tell what was down this passage or the
other--all correctly! I felt that her knowledge of the cave was so good that
in February, I had her be a guide for two survey parties that had work to do
in upper and lower Bedquilt, respectively. Rather odd directions: "Bev,
you've got to get the lower Bedquilt party to J-73. That's the Complex
Junction, you know, just after the Dusty Room, as your are entering the
Bedquilt Route, before the Two Pit Room. You know that north from there is
the climb down to get water for the plant. That's really the KA chimney to
the E-survey, which is where they are going." It worked.

One more strange experience. Winter before this last one, Tommy Brucker,
Roger McClure, and a third person were returning through Bedquilt from a trip
deep into the system to the north. From the Hall of the Mountain King, you
climb up into the 1871 Passage (Hall of Mists) and then up a hole into a
narrow canyon that leads from the Orange Formation Room (Bird Room). That hole
is somewhat a tricky climb and, while suspended in space in it, Roger noted a
copperhead snake on the ledge to his right. (Was it The Snake, up from the
Hall of the Mtn. King?) The snake struck at him repeatedly, but the snake was
lethargic from the cold and Roger's clothes protected him. Tommy was already
up the climb, and searched around for something to do. He found a stick (The
Magic Wand?) and used it to fend off the snake. Never a dull moment.

-Mel Park

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